Energy Networks Innovation Strategy 2024

ENA’s Innovation Strategy is a roadmap for how network operators can innovate to support the net zero transition and tackle potential challenges to the UK’s energy security. We intend this document, and the priorities, themes and principles it contains, to help enable collaboration and shape the sector’s efforts over the years ahead.

​You can read the updated Energy Networks Innovation Strategy here.

Alongside this update, we have produced a forward look infographic which provides a clearer articulation of our vision up until 2050 for enabling the full decarbonisation of the UK through the delivery of a resilient and sustainable future energy system. It aims to set out the key areas where change and innovation are required to achieve our shared decarbonisation milestones. Click on the interactive infographic below to read more.

Energy Innovation Atlas - Charting a Net Zero Course to 2050

Innovation Cycle

This infographic is a high-level guide that maps out the key stages involved in delivering an innovation project from an initial idea to successful implementation and benefits realisation. By clicking on each step of the process, a pop-up will appear highlighting where this strategy can help and signposting to further information and relevant links.