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Energy Innovation Summit

The Energy Innovation Summit is proud to be bringing to our audience a programme of sessions all dedicated to Summit theme of “The climb to the top: innovations that drive green, smarter, more affordable energy Britain for all by 2035”.

Agenda for the Summit can be view here.

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Energy Innovation Summit

In 2023, The Summit will examine how innovation can accelerate progress in vital areas such as the net zero transition and supporting consumers in vulnerable situations, as well as examine the role of innovation in tackling supply chain issues, while also making the most of innovations from around the world to solve challenges here in the UK

When: 31 October to 1 November 2023

Where: Exhibition Centre Liverpool

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Energy Networks Innovation Process (ENIP)

ENIP is our guide to network innovation. This comprehensive document contains the full details of the end-to-end industry led process for reporting, collaboration, and dissemination of Ofgem funded NIA projects in Great Britain.


Strategic Innovation Fund

For Round 3, the SIF will further focus on specified areas that are key to achieving key sectoral targets over the next decade, such as delivering a net zero power system by 2035. 

These Round 3 Innovation Challenges are as follows: 

1. Whole system network planning and utilisation to facilitate faster and cheaper network transformation and asset rollout

2.Novel technical, process and market approaches to deliver an equitable and secure net zero power system

3.Unlocking energy system flexibility to accelerate electrification of heat.

4.Enabling power-to-gas (P2G) to provide system flexibility and energy network optimisation.

Strategic Innovation Fund

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